Testimony of Jerry and Carmen Peterson

Jerry and Carmen’s son, Dan, was diagnosed with terminal cancer when he was only 28 years old. When other medications were ineffective, Dan tried marijuana. The marijuana reduced his pain, took away his nausea and loss of appetite, and enabled him to live far longer than his doctors projected.

Testimony of Robert Youcha

Robert Youcha is a retired paramedic who suffers from a spinal cord injury. Several painful medical procedures and an arsenal of prescription medications have not relieved his severe intractable pain. Medical marijuana would be an invaluable tool to treat his unyielding pain.

Testimony of KK Forss

KK Forss suffers from a spinal injury and must take a large amount of dangerous medications, including morphine, Fentanyl, methadone, MS Contin, and Percocet, in order to make it through the day. When he is able to use medical marijuana, his quality of life increases dramatically, and he is able to significantly cut down on his consumption of these dangerous prescription narcotics.

Testimony of Ron Oveson

Ron Oveson suffers from neurosarcoidosis. Prescribed medications did not abate his symptoms and he was not able to obtain any relief until his doctor recommended that he try marijuana.

Testimony of Joni Whiting

Joni Whiting lost her daughter, Stephanie, to melanoma. After watching her daughter suffer, Joni was grateful for the relief that marijuana provided and was willing to risk arrest and imprisonment to permit her daughter to use marijuana in her home.

Testimony of Kathy Rippentrop

Kathy Rippentrop saw the benefit of medical marijuana first hand while her mother was suffering and dying from an aggressive cancer.

Testimony of Dr. George Wagoner

Dr. Wagoner is a retired physician who risked arrest and imprisonment to procure marijuana as a last resort to help with his wife’s intractable nausea, a side effect of her chemotherapy treatments, when she was not responding to prescribed medications.

Testimony of Patrick McClellan

Patrick has found medical marijuana to be beneficial in reducing muscle spasms and pain resulting from Muscular Dystrophy.

Testimony of Tim Majerus

Tim saw the benefit of medical marijuana first-hand while working as a pastor in hospice care and also while working with military veterans diagnosed with PTSD and chronic pain.

Testimony of Angie Weaver

Angie’s oldest daughter suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a devastating seizure disorder that is notoriously unresponsive to traditional anti-epileptic medications. Angie and her husband have discovered that many families in similar situations have found success controlling this rare disorder with medical marijuana.