Welcome to Minnesotans for Compassion Care

On May 29, 2014, Gov. Mark Dayton signed legislation to make Minnesota the 22nd medical marijuana state. The original program protected a limited class of patients whose doctors signed a certification. Since then, the health department extended the program to include patients suffering from intractable pain, PTSD, autism, and obstructive sleep apnea. Alzheimer’s is being added beginning in August 2019. While the program continues to have serious shortcomings — including failing to allow natural, whole plant cannabis —it has come a long way thanks to advocates fighting for reform!

Minnesotans for Compassionate Care is happy to see our state taking these steps, and we look forward to collaborating with patients, their loved ones, fellow advocates such as Sensible Minnesota, and lawmakers to get legal protections for all the sick and suffering who can benefit from medical marijuana. Please join our efforts! Together, we will continue to make historic progress.

For more information on how other states’ medical marijuana laws are working, please visit https://www.mpp.org/issues/medical-marijuana/.