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Twenty states and Washington, D.C. all have medical marijuana laws on the books, yet the seriously ill in Minnesota who use medical marijuana under their doctors’ supervision are currently in danger of being arrested and prosecuted. A bipartisan group of Minnesota legislators have proposed a well-regulated medical marijuana bill, HF 1818/SF 1641. This legislation is based on compassion, common sense, and the best practices of medical marijuana programs from across the country. If enacted, medical marijuana patients will no longer be forced to live in fear simply for using the medicine that eases their pain and, in many cases, allows them to live normal lives.

However, passage of a workable medical marijuana law is in jeopardy. Despite pledging his support for helping craft a workable medical marijuana law, Gov. Mark Dayton scrapped the idea altogether and has instead proposed a single study on high-CBD medical marijuana for seizure disorders. Medical marijuana supporters rejected the proposal, as it is highly unlikely that a study would materialize in a timely fashion — if it ever does — and, assuming one does, it would be limited to a very small class of patients. Please call the governor and ask him to support medical marijuana and then email your lawmakers and urge them to move the bill.

Thank you to everyone for your help to date. Together, we can enact an effective medical marijuana law in Minnesota.

For more information on how other states’ medical marijuana laws are working, please visit mpp.org/medical.