Welcome to Minnesotans for Compassionate Care

On Thursday, May 29 , Governor Mark Dayton signed into law legislation to make Minnesota the 22nd medical marijuana state. The new law will protect a limited class of patients whose doctors sign a certification and file data on the treatment outcomes for patients.

Unfortunately, due to opposition from the law enforcement lobby, Gov. Dayton would not sign off on the more comprehensive, compassionate, and cost-effective measure originally introduced by a strong bipartisan group of Minnesota lawmakers. Minnesotans for Compassionate Care is happy to see our state take this initial first step and we look forward to collaborating with patients, their loved ones, and lawmakers on getting legal protections for all the sick and suffering who can benefit from medical marijuana.

Thank you to everyone for your help to date, especially the doctors, patients, and their loved ones who made frequent and time-consuming trips to the capitol in St. Paul to fight for a compassionate bill. Together, we made, and will continue to make, historic progress.

For more information on how other states’ medical marijuana laws are working, please visit mpp.org/medical.